A spin off of https://shewritamj.wordpress.com and my post “A-V-E-R-A-G-E”, this site will reflect my journey, every bump and every breeze, as I embark on 12 months of the most dedicated I have ever been in my pursuit of physical prowess. Prowess is a strong word… but I honestly need all the motivation and support I can muster.

I am a woman with the desire to see just what I am capable of. There are no “fun-runs” here – quite simply the pursuit of personal excellence. Join me as I train for my first half marathons, back to back mountain endurance races and a 24 hour solo mountain bike race, culminating with a trail half and an aggressive 3 day 45 km BC mountain stage race by this time next year. I may even take you on a few adventure tourism trips along the way and a ridge line run or two just for funsies.

Mid life crisis? No… call it personal evolution.

I am just an ordinary girl; I will go wherever I take me.

I’d love to hear your stories too.

Peace out,



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