Goodbye 2017.

So this year has been an interesting one. I decided to take a breather from becoming a specialist and just, well, chill the f*** out.

What does that mean fitness wise? I didn’t stop running, entirely, but what I did do is stop focusing on running. Instead, I focused on wellness. I revisited my true passion – being a student of [insert blank here]. And dabbled in whatever I feel like in the moment. I just adore learning. I love classes. I love courses. And love learning how to do things. I started paying more attention to myself, what I eat and when and why – not to diet but just to understand me and how I flow, so to speak. I am reading more books, because I actually love reading. And so much more. The ultimate goal? To set sustainable habits that I can be proud of and grow into a competition if there is one I feel compelled to enter. If there is no competition, then I just want to be really happy with my baseline – the me in me.

This is what my 2017 looked like:



AAAAAnnnnd that’s it that’s all – it is December 31st today and 2017 is OVER Rocky. All those things we hoped to have accomplished… I hope you did! And if you didn’t, then why not and what the heck are you, and we, waiting for?

May we all continue into the New Year with those things that are great for us, and drop all of those that aren’t [even if that means people].

Cheers to 2018 and a year full of good habits.

Be good people. Be good to each other. Be good to yourself.

And most importantly, be true to yourself.


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