When Love & Work Collide

“Not-sorry” to disappoint you drama worshipers out there, this isn’t a post about some sort of office affair.

I have been MIA again to this blog blog in a good way! The last 2 months have not only been jammed packed full of training and loading and de-loading and loading back up again – I have been working my backside off at the office. The good news? I work for an adaptive company that supported my need for an alternative work environment. I am now that employee utilizing a sit-stand desk. And when I sit? It’s on a ball. My back has never felt better. I sleep better. My self-diagnosed piriformis syndrome has all but disappeared. And my chances of ever facing the dreaded “secretary spread” have now decreased substantially.

I can not say enough about the company I work for. They are best-in-class, supportive and one of the best managed companies in the country. Full of great people from the top down and built from the bottom up. The type of company where you can call the CEO or SVP directly and they ACTUALLY take your call. It is with this company that I have been able to thrive both as a producer and as an individual. Striking a balance so incredibly elusive between work and life. It is not perfect, but pretty damn close most days.

Most recently, I had the opportunity to combine my job with a true passion of mine. I created a program designed to build relationships that revolved around a physical event. And, you guessed it, I selected a running race and invited a dozen clients to join me. It was tremendously successful. Not only did we bond and come together in the perfect combination of camaraderie and competition, 4 of 12 placed in their divisions and I ran a 2:01.07 half marathon – a new PR!

Did I set a land speed record? No, definitely not. But what is fascinating to me is that from my February 7th half until now my training is not comparable in the least. This was a “B” race for me. I never stressed out and I never exceeded more than 75% of my total race distance in training. I stopped wearing watches and monitors and tracking my runs like the obsessive compulsive personality I can be, I cross trained at random and I even ditched my music. This somehow resulted in my knocking 15 minutes off my last half. 15 fucking minutes! And post-race I felt amazing. Like, I could run another 10 k amazing. Although… this also means I could have laid more out there. Baby steps people. Baby steps.

Aside from my personal achievements and some pending epiphanies with respect to training, the best part about this entire event is that my employer supported this race and benefited from it as much if not more so than I did. So to did the clients that joined me. Some had never ran before in an event like this, others, have not ran in years and are already talking about using this race as a benchmark for fitness next year.

Work can suck, for sure. But when love and work collide? It equals success.




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