Msfit Log: 03142016 – seeing double

Well, I did it… [The crowd roars as MsfitMegs blazes across the finish line like a beam of sunlight penetrating the darkest of days]… okay, not quite. Truth is, I am not looking for any sort of acknowledgement. What I was looking for, I already found – and that my friends, is confidence. Not confidence in knowing that I was capable of running, but rather confidence in my performance, in my ability to do this on my own and for me, confidence that I now have a foundation I can build my 20km+ career and the discovery of my magic distance. I never set any records, I never made any top 10s, but I did run two very even races under lackluster training circumstances, little sleep and a frazzled emotional state back to back (two weeks apart). And now I owe it to myself to reflect on my learnings and then, as my Aunty Judy says, “move the fuck on”.

Before we do that though – shout out to Volunteers. You people are amazing and so inspiring. I look forward to joining your ranks again this year.

Awesome Volunteers

As for my reflections, overall, the Hypothermic event 1 & 2 were solid. Pack pick-ups were smooth. Race organization was on point and the finishers medals were creative and fun. I have only a few criticisms that were consistent between both events which are notable for those interested though not as notable as the fact that yes, I would do this event again. Minor, they are:

1) Warn people before you hand them a glass of warm water at an aid station – great for some, less so for others. Just sayin’ : )

2) Lose the big, expensive breakfast – less is more. I’d personally prefer less options and better french toast with the balance of funds going back into the charity. Powdered eggs are only good in the back country… and even then.

3) Better communication surrounding race timing, which company provided the timing chips and where results will be posted.

My race?

Scooby- Doo

Three learnings as well:

1) Nutrition… eat what you do. Pregame is not the time to experiment unless you would like Uncle Gut Cramp (not related to Aunty Judy) tagging along the entire race.

2) Don’t forget your cleats (or any VIP gear specific for race conditions). Nobody likes Scooby-Dooing through a half or coping with the fact they lost time due to slippage. Slippage sucks.

3) Music. When you select something in your musical library ensure that you truly have 33 songs in your play list and not the same 7 songs over and over and over and over and over (you get the idea).

And because I clearly have some obsession in the form of 3s for this particular post, here are three final thoughts for any considering to kick off a year of “let’s get serious” with a bang:

1) Do it, even if you think you can’t.

2) Do it, even if you show up alone.

3) Do it, even if the only one at the finish line waiting for you is you.

You will find a part of yourself on a journey like this that you never knew you were missing.

Ta ta for now all! Happy training to you. My Zoomies look forward to next time.






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