Msfit Log: 01232016 -lazelations.

I have not written for awhile. In some ways, this is by design. In others? I have been lazy.

You see, in my profession I spend a lot of time on the computer. And work can reach me everywhere – ipad, ipod, cell, desk top. Does this mean I dislike what I do? Au contraire. I love it. What this does mean though is that sometimes I just find it easy to avoid touching technology when I get home from the office.

See what I did there? I just made a bunch of excuses for myself.

A form of self-sabotage.

This sabotage also creeped up on me during a 12 mile LSD lap run causing me to walk out an argument I was having with myself for a solid half mile. The mind can be very distracting to training as well as other objectives. In fact, it typically determines whether or not we succeed or fail – at anything we do. I do not have any epiphanies to share with you on the subject, yet, but what I can say, is push through. Even if self-sabotage slows your pace. Even if it means shutting off that part of your brain that absolutely must check messages when the notification pops up.

When self-sabotage is threatening just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes it will go away and sometimes, it will hang out with you the entire time. Push through. You will be grateful that you were relentless in your forward motion.

The only thing worse than missing your pace targets and ducking out of a distance early for no good physical reason, is the drive home or being home thereafter and being so completely pissed off at yourself for giving in.

Don’t give in.

Say “Fuck you” to self-sabotage.


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