Msfit Log: 12312015 – a relentless new year.

In less than 3 hours – it will be a new year – and I just learned a valuable lesson. Well, allow me to rephrase that. I just reminded myself of a valuable lesson. I was having a conversation with someone about how their 5K race training was not going very well. The elusive 4 minute kilometre has not yet been reached. For me… a 6 minute kilometre is not even in reach yet on a consistent basis. Ouch, right?


To sum up this valuable lesson in the least wordy way possible because it is New Year’s Eve and because we all have a finite amount of time, particularly tonight, to scour blogs – here is a perfect representation courtesy of Google:


In all seriousness – I’m serious.  People have a tendency to compare themselves to another’s story when they don’t know the entire story. Think about it. Behind the scenes vs. the highlight reel. The truth is, everyone sucks, just a little bit. And we never suck as much as we think we do.

So PEACE OUT all! (And Just DO It)

Cheers to an amazing New Year.



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